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  • Entries should be made only using the entry form in this pack or downloaded from the Clydesdale Horse Society Website. Entries received after the published closing date will not be accepted.

  • Entry fees are £10 per exhibit and should accompany the entry form – Horses shown in-hand will not need to pay a second entry fee to enter the, Ridden Class, Mare & Foal, Pairs & Fancy Dress classes. If however, the horse is not shown in-hand, the exhibitor must pay an entry fee for these classes. There is no entry fee for the Young Judges, Young Handlers or Harness classes.

  • Judging will commence at 10.00 a.m. (prompt).

  • All horses must be pure bred Clydesdales, registered or eligible to be registered in the Clydesdale Horse Society stud book.

  • All horses shown must be sound and fit to enter the ring.

  • All exhibitors at the Show attend at their own risk. The City of Aberdeen Clydesdale Horse Show do not accept responsibility for any accident, loss or damage to person(s), animals or property at the Show or in transit to the Show, simply by virtue of the committee’s organisation of the Show. It is also the recommendation of the committee that all exhibitors ensure that their animals have their own insurance cover.

  • All horses, other than those in the show rings, are to be kept within a designated fenced off area. Exhibitors must use the roped off walkway to and from the rings. Parking will be allocated upon arrival at the showground and exhibitors are asked to comply with the Parking Steward’s instructions.

  • Horses are to be supervised at all times by a person over the age of 16.

  • No stabling is available, and the committee strongly advise competitors to ensure that they bring their own supply of water as they cannot guarantee that there will be an adequate supply on the day.

  • Exhibitors are required to wear white coats in the show ring and failure to do so will lead to disqualification.

  • Horses entering the show ring will only be accompanied by one exhibitor and one groom. No other persons will be allowed in the show ring.

  • Anyone under the age of 12 is not permitted within the Show ring, all exhibitors and grooms must be over 12 years old to enter the Show Ring. If aged 12 -16 the exhibitor/groom must be supervised by a responsible person over the age of 16.

  • All horses will only qualify for prize monies after taking part in the Grand Parade at approximately 4.00 p.m. Failure to parade will forfeit prize monies.

  • All trophies are now Perpetual Trophies and therefore must be returned to the show each year. Trophy Winners must sign the acceptance slip at the time of receiving it and ensure the Trophy is returned to the Committee in good time, and well in advance of the next year’s show.

  • The Clydesdale Horse Society Shield and the Young Handlers Competitions are subject to the current Clydesdale Horse Society Rules as set out below.

  • In the event of a dispute, official complaints should be submitted in writing along with £25 to the City of Aberdeen Clydesdale Horse Show who shall be the sole arbiter.

  • Exhibitors are required to ensure they leave NO rubbish or dung when leaving the show, black bags will be provided.

  • The committee reserve the right to amalgamate any class or classes where the number of entries forward on the day of the show merit such action.

  • Only vehicles displaying official passes will be allowed into the show ground. Disabled parking by prior arrangement. Exhibitor parking will be allocated as previously stated in item 7.

  • The committee wish to advise exhibitors that it is an offence to consume alcohol in public places within Aberdeen.

  • Any person exhibiting verbally abusive or threatening behaviour towards competitors, show officials, judges or members of the public will be asked to leave the show ground.

Ridden Class Rules

  • This class will be judged in accordance with the guidelines set out by the Clydesdale Horse Society. For further details please contact the society directly.

  • All ridden horses to be 4 years old and over.

  • A suitable hat that meets the current standards must be worn at all times when mounted.

  • No spurs allowed.

  • No whip to exceed 75cm.

  • The judge may ride the horses. Otherwise a stand/individual show demonstrating walk, trot and canter will be required.

  • Turnout should be natural, traditional and smart, similar to that worn in a Hunter or Mountain Moorland Class.

  • Tail plait and mane roll optional, but for Health and Safety reasons no standing wired flights.

  • A fall of a horse or rider in any class will result in disqualification. The rider must not remount in the ring.

Fancy Dress Class Rules

  • A suitable hat that meets the current standards must be worn at all times by all competitors, both ridden and on foot. This may be disguised and decorated to match the outfit.

  • Competitors to have both hands free to hold reins or lead ropes.  If holding props of any kind they must be led (if mounted) or assisted by a helper (if on foot).

  • Competitors must be 12 years old or over to enter, but note that if under the age of 16 to be accompanied by a person over the age of 16. No person under the age of 12 years will be allowed to take part.

  • Competitors to be courteous to others in the ring, allowing adequate spacing between them, and to ensure they have control of their horses at all times.

  • Showing in the class is restricted to walk only.

  • No trotting or cantering.