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Males, Young Judges and Young Handlers Judge

Matthew has a keen eye for a good heavy horse and was brought up in Lincolnshire where his father Jim bred and showed Shire horses. Matthew along with partner Jacqueline, run Auchengree Clydesdales and Matthews Shires from their home in Lenzie, Glasgow. In 2013, jointly they purchased the Clydesdale Glebeview Emma, who has given them the foundation to build upon, who has won over 25 championships as well as now proving herself as a great breeding mare. Matthew is a very busy family man, and in addition to breeding and showing their horses, Matthew and Jacqueline produce the quarterly, internationally selling magazine, Heavy Horse Herald. They also run a successful business selling products for showing and preparing heavy horses, as well as feed stuff and other related items. Proof is in popularity, and the Auchengree Soft Soap is sold out pretty much as soon as it’s in stock!  

​With a growing family of varying ages who help with the horses, he is very acquaint with young handler and young Judge classes and very much encourages the younger generation.


Females Judge

Brian is another of our judges who has benefited from experience handed down through the generations. His father John “Speedy” McMillan, his grandfather and great grandfather before him, were all involved in breeding and showing horses, both in hand and driven.

Based in Rothesay on the Isle of Bute, by day Brian works as a plant operator, driving diggers and other large machinery. All his time off during evenings and weekends, he devotes to his hobby, which comes in the form of multiples of single horsepower!  Currently Mill Clydesdales have 12 horses.  It’s a busy time preparing for the forthcoming show season and getting horses back in harness and fit for driving. He admits his brother does the majority of the driving now but does at times pick up the reins himself, assisted by daughter Keriin in the groom’s seat.

With generations of horses bred at Mill Clydesdales, Brian certainly has the experience to pick out a top quality mare or filly, and to be able to look at a foal in the early stages of life and tell if it’s a winner. We are certainly delighted he’s agreed to join us on the 24th of August.


Harness Judge

Allan follows a generation of Clydesdale horsemen showing harness and working with Clydesdales. His late father, also called Allan, started it all off, dragging timber out of the forests with Clydesdale Horses many years ago. The business was modernised as times moved on and horses were replaced by machinery. In his early twenties, the young Allan bought himself his own lorry and up until around 2010 ran his own timber Haulage Company, contracting for Gordon’s of Nairn.  At that point, and wishing to move back down to Angus, he then worked for local haulage contractor Steel and Murdoch driving a bulk Grain lorry. Allan has shown Harness alongside his father since he was child. The majority of the harness was either made or altered by his father and all of the decorations were made by Allan senior. 

​In more recent years Allan has been breeding Clydesdale horses, and stepped back from showing the harness. The McRae family Show Harness is now well over 40 years old but well-loved and looked after. Allan has handed the job of showing it to his nephew Steven Ritchie and it continues to do well. Allan is a man who will know much about the quality of any harness put in front of him, having watched his father at work making and altering it. Plus all those many hours cleaning it and getting it spotless.

We look forwards to many Harness Entries at Aberdeen in August to test his experienced eye.


Ridden Judge

Morag lives near Ballindalloch. She is a keen and very experienced equestrian who spends all the time she can in the saddle. She competes in many disciplines but admits that taking part in Working Hunter Classes, and also judging them are her favourites. 

 Currently she owns two 2 horses which she keeps at home. Morag is busy lady and during term time drives a school bus as well as working on the family farm.  In winter she also works in a ski centre, so there seem no end to her talents and energy. The Durno family are breeders of pedigree Simmental, Charolais, Limousin, Aberdeen Angus, and Salers cattle, as well as cross bred Commercial cattle.  The herd go by the prefix Auchorachan, and Morag is very hands on with the showing of their best animals, admitting during show season to never being at home. When asked what other hobbies she has, she told me she just hasn’t got the time. I know that she even rides her horses to check up on the sheep! Now that’s what I call merging your responsibilities and getting maximum horse time.

Morag enjoys judging and looks for a forward going, active and supple animal that is light in the hand and enjoying their job.

We look forward to seeing her trying out our ridden Clydesdales in August. The question is, will it be the judge or the horse that is smiling the most?